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Monetize your files, websites, and links with ShareCash's
leading content lockingContent Locking is a monetization technique that requires visitors to complete a quick lead-generation advertisement in order to "unlock" access to your content. You earn around $1 per unlock, sometimes up to $20 depending on the ad. Our platform provides tools that employ content locking to monetize your files, websites, and links. You can view an example of content locking applied to a file download here. platform.

Simply sign up, use our tools to 'lock' your premium content, and receive an average
of $1.00 every time a visitor unlocks it. We manage the advertisements so
you can focus on the one thing that matters: your content.

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Monetize Your Content

Our highly customizable tools can monetize your files, websites, and links.

File Lockers

Upload your files and use our File Locker tools to monetize your downloads. We provide hosted landing pages for your files as well as the ability to integrate the file download directly onto your website using our File Widget tool.

Website Lockers

Use our Website Widget tool to lock pages containing premium content on your website or blog. Our widgets are highly customizable and are optimized for both desktop and mobile traffic.

Link Lockers

Use our Link Locker tools to monetize links, such as links to third­-party files or outbound links on your website. We provide hosted landing pages for you as well as the ability to integrate our solution directly into your website using our Link Widget tool.

Why ShareCash

With an impressive platform, powerful features, an extensive suite of statistical analysis tools, always on­time payments, and the highest­-performing ads in the industry, ShareCash will make you more money from your content than any other network, period.

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We pay thousands of users on time, every time.

Here's what they have to say:

This is actually the BEST incentive network out there. They started as the worlds leading PPD network and now they are back and better than ever. I actually prefer them over Adworkmedia these days. I get an EPC of around 0.30 with Sharecash for the same niches that got me around 0.15 or less on AWM. It all depends on your niche, but I highly suggest Sharecash. BEST offers, HIGHEST earnings!


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